Pokemon Go Is Spying On Us

As the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go takes the world by storm, conspiracy theorists are freaking out that the game and its parent company, Niantic, could assist the New World Order in spying on everyone.

For starters, the game is powered by Google Earth. Niantic founder John Hanke was one of the founders of Keyhole, which was purchased by Google to develop Google Earth. Conspiracy theorists are scared because Keyhole was partially funded by a CIA venture capital firm.

The game’s privacy policy acknowledges that data may be shared with law enforcement or “government officials,” and its default settings were initially accessing much more data, including contacts and photos, than developer Niantic intended.

Chinese bloggers are trying to block the game’s entry into their country, positive that it is a ploy by the US and Japan to locate all of China’s military bases. In an added twist, the hot new theory is that Japan is using the game to spy on the US and that “Go” actually stands for “Global Offensive.” this worse then Facebook on spying on the user…

Pokémon Go augmented reality
Pokémon Go uses augmented reality as spying tool

The US Defense Department has banned the use of the Pokemon Go app on its premises, citing concerns over potential security breaches by foreign spies as the game tracks the users’ location.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/art_living/201608111044175381-dod-pokemon-go-ban/


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