WW3 to break out over deepfake intelligence ‘fabricated as pretext to strike’ – Daily Star

Only time will tell….
My submareens Shoot Missile Ballistic missile is you very far day shoot 1200 miles oh maybe Guam I get even farther…
Yes we’re all gonna have punch and Pie…

Is it real The build-up of forces in and around Iran?

Alright is it not true most to build-up is Near And Very Close by Iran…

Is it not true that we have built up forces round Iranians?

Is it not true that Every country lately has showed up for their Parades showing their total might with a Bunch of new technology

that out surpass Anything we see From the USA… I think it’s the time That war Of all wars world War…3 is already in place and plans have been in the works… For years Deepfake or not this is real world war shocking….


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