Kurdistan may be the answer to the problem with the Middle East…

America owes the kurds… We left the kurds out to dry With Saddam Hussein…Gassing them…It’s time we give them their country back With through America know how… Really just one man’s opinion The country of Kurdistan should be reestablished Giving back the Kurds their land and resources they need for Stability in the Middle East As we establish their new country we should back their country with resources to end the crisis in the Middle East.. Although this should be Achieved by 2030… As doing so we should Gain more control of the Middle East by achieving a main headquarters And stable U.S base also bringing it Really close to are really good friends the Russians…

TURKEY Now in which wants to set up a 32km (20-mile) deep “safe zone” inside north-eastern Syria to protect its border and resettle up to 2 million Syrian refugees. The SDF says it will defend its territory “at all costs” and that hard-won gains in the battle against IS are being put at risk.The Syrian government, which is backed by Russia, also continues to promise to take back control of all of Syria.

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