Life as we know it turned inside out

We all know what a blackhole is but did you know that we maybe living in one just on the Event Horizon of the biggest black hole ever known to mankind small as we are in a bigger picture of what’s really going on and why the first thing you have to do is look at black that a vast of nothing so we know that vast amounts of black means its almost impossible to know when or where it leads to.. Not many people have study dark Speed But it seems to be the same as light Speed…so We are all pretty much Hurdling Around the biggest black hole Traveling at dark speed… Towards this Huge giant We are talking about Seven Milky way’s across this vast black hole Traveling at dark Speed.. 1.2 million mph We Are no more then a speck of Hurdling dust Inside A humongous black hole On the Event horizon just in its cusp in a bigger picture we are seeing…

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