Should you be afraid


A lot of things go bump in the night. Driving to Lake I do remember seeing weird lights as we got close to the lights I see lighting War of beams dancing across the sky As I looked to the West I saw clear skies as I looked to the East I saw lights dancing Its flickering as I’m Astonished at what I’m seeing I notice a shining ship through the light before I knew it things got dark As the lights closed in Like a rearing black hole getting smaller. As I ran far as could… I couldn’t run… I would Be lifted and was levitating as we was heading upward towards this shiny ship I had blacked out as I came to I was sitting in my car wondering what had occurred… turning to my friends asking if they Experienced anything they look at me and Laughed when they said I don’t really know they can’t recall a thing about the last 90 minutes we all had blackouts at the same time and in fact that they really didn’t know what happened freaked us all out… close encounter of the 5 kind… This is based off a true story by Ben