I’m not trying to Panic anyone Or spread any fake news just A Thought…

I am just A theroy from my opinion this is a bio terror weapon weaponized humanbeings Like world war Z, Or was this all one big accident Question is our government corrupt are the world leaders sinister yes they are and they are deadly as we could see although my friend I am not doing this to scare you or to frighten you but there is a new world order and there is most definitely their agenda When I refer to an agenda they want you to be programmed what better way to Except and go with what is told upon you By using bio Terrorism The big question is can you see this big picture or are you just seeing the small bits and pieces of lies and deceit Brainwashing us into a Numbness Where we cannot function properly anymore they have that control By fear and by control they are the king they were the crowns… They use the masses and they control our thoughts telling us to spend consume you will be recieving a $1000 and vote for me but make me as president they want that control over the masses… If you do not coincide with our plans you will make sure you do so, this is the new world order…

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