The Attack of the invisible army

You can’t see it you can’t smell it or ear it but it’ll takes you by storm it’s like a human Trojan carrying the virus weaponized by bio terrorism they come from out of town, and they are in your neighborhood they carry the virus you close your doors but you have to poo and your all out of Toilet paper so you reach for a magazine Ripped in to a page out using it headed out on my trip For goods… I washed my hands as I put on my gloves and mask it go to the store walk up to my car heading out to the store thinking about the Social distancing… keep 10 ft (ca. 3 m) to 6 ft (182.88 centimeters) from people and get your goods needed to survive this virus as government officials scramble to help the over 500k infected with this disease there’s no cure in sight this looks grim the new world order the agenda unfolding before my eyes as we fallen on black days… I’m thinking as I drive home today they started a stay at home order so the state can pan down the pandemic also they tell us don’t panic but this is a war and signs of the end of it all apocalypse… this no lie everyone deals death like this should pay for making the mistakes leading to this world pandemic China government own this and use this in biology warfare the world needs a wake up call the china government is not your friend they have unseen bio terrorism in their Country countless laboratories working on the next wave of attacks and my Honest opinion this is an act of war on are way of life in the free world, Now Quarantined we can’t leave your house by orders like We are Cadets in a military drill…

Bio terrorism laboratories

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