What they are not telling us… truth

In the case of the Corona virus pandemic… The virus is SARS Cov-2, and the disease name is called COVID-19 after its contracted and then it starts multiplying in the living cells…

COV= coronavirus

ID= infectious disease 19= year

The problem with the virus attacks the upper respiratory tract where it is easily sneezed, coughed out, even when you’re clearing your throat without showing any symptoms, microscopic droplets are released into the air and settles on surfaces… That’s why this virus is so easy to catch but very hard to kill…The virus doesn’t discriminate and not racesest, it doesn’t care your age or how old you are… If it gets inside your body it will attack all living cells by replacing itself… unfortunately We are only seeing the start of the global spread… stay safe my friends keep washing your hands and use a mask and gloves staying 10 feet from others try not to touch stuff or your face eyes mouth nose stay vigilant… don’t break from routines… keep up with hygiene showers are better than baths… this is the truth…

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