Walking the fine line opening up roll outs…May lead to more deaths…

On this as a global economy project rolling out program… If you think its smart to open up for a drowning we are on the edge of A Human extinction and if they are wrong it will be 200 million people who could die in a second wave drowning all hope and the funds that have been use so the next time we are not Prepared rolling out in to a virus infected world thereafter the speed well dubble and 20x will die but hine site is Only 20/20 the protest and Riots might kill some but the other people who are careful and not trusting the war pigs and kingdom’s…

The evidence is forced by the government thereby providing PROOF OF my Conspiracy theories are coming true before them even as we know the problem is the world if we open up and the virus moves through all the masses so like Polio there will be no cure no Cure in sight maybe for 15 to 20 years so all the money has been spent… So till the world works on this as a global economy project rolling out program… W.h.o knows that this is true…

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