Nanana booboo China thumbs their nose at the world…

China government CPP China 🇨🇳 the people’s army claim they don’t have to pay for foreign affairs they  require more evidence of their crimes against the world… They want you to believe that this is a natural thing that nature can make I’m not sure but ther is A ge·nome of HIV 🤫 is in the makeup of the CCP virus there is evidence for false propaganda and the date’s don’t even match the evidence has been washed away and no longer exists the facts are the people involved are missing and been removed they capped off the internet and screened the China 🇨🇳 firewalls stopping all information on coverage of the covid-19 aka ccpvirus they also did a great job of cleaning up their mess 👏  there is no evidence that they know of…The truth 🙌 is they covered up world 🌎 evidence of their crimes against the world they want you to believe that they did proper csi of said crimes in Wuhan China 🇨🇳 time to wake up, China is like A child who wants their way and thats that truly stopping the truth from getting out so quickly before the rest of world didn’t realize how far the rabbit holes were now the world needs complete compensation from the China government and furthermore all products and services should be cut the world should cut tides with China 🇨🇳 Immediately Can trade with China Be worth this infected Disease….

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