What is the truth what is false…

I’m give you five stories you decide what’s real or fake 3 of the storyline shows real and 2 are based off Fiction…

Number One

The black Illuminati are evil Individuals and to under mind China for years now as rap and hip hop Culture has been banned in China and for some evil reasons they wanted the CCP to pay for blocking NBA and banning hip hop culture so for revenge on the China government they released the ccpvirus aka covid-19 on to the world…

Number Two

China CPP New world agendas in the biggest cover up in the world sweeping all and Any evidence of the unknown virus exists inside a laboratory making sure its in nature as in bat coronavirus which happens in Nature but in and the cross over to human beings is a generation process made in a laboratory environment using Geno splicing with something like HIV I’m no Scientists but the cover up and people that was told by the CCP government keep a lid on what’s really going on there with Propaganda campaigns disinformation with their lies… Oct 1st first victim started not in Wuhan China but in a shrimp shop closer to the lab not the wet markit in Wuhan,

There are not bats sold at said wet seafood market

Number Three

CPP China wants you to believe that they are not responsible for said usavirus claiming that with the moving of the troops the virus was released in this Scenario Iran’s bombs of us troops could the Iranians contaminate there missiles with a virus infecting millions around the world sweeping death all in its path…

Number Four

This really happened in nature and its not a Artificial viruses unknown to mankind…

Number Five

The new world order

With a evil agenda to under mind China and making America non relent on there Marketing economy… Bringing their money back to usa money and leveling out the economy… with UN agendas in mind…

Stay asleep eat sleep consume conform

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