Are we the outdated products

Sold out as products with A bar code that can be scanned we are sold to the highest bidder as products we are their customers clients and products they are the clerks as we are their products We are dumb down into a trance… we are told to ovide and to follow orders but yet these orders are from war pigs with terrible unjust and inhumane intentions we are all doomed by extension and terrible double meanings we are thusly parted as being just a product We have been outdated they need a new product the milk is Soured They are not enjoying the bitter taste the brainwashing did not accomplish their goal so they must pool a genocide exposing the innocent and poor this virus excludes the rich The homeless and the degenerates of societee will collapse this is an extinction of mankind we are all human there is no way to distinguish a rich person from a poor person but yet they woutold like to profile us and make us obeyed and obeid by their rules and regulations Yet they lie they cheat they Kill the people…

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