What happen to the American way

Really are you free lets ask what is freedom and how to make it happen in America… That dream is gone we are Systematically out of time… The horsemen are upon us wake up America whats next for usa wake up.. China is not are friends they are out to kill American citizens with their hate of Americans and their propagandist war pigs of repression on the America way of life… Meanwhile the China regime does as it pleases there in they disregard to human existence and life matters this is not a race war this is a war on the American way of life taking place as we speak… Plagues like diseases, Biblical floods, The H1N1 now new strain aka pig flu or Spanish flu, The return of the black plague AKA black death, Not to mention all the cesspools thats gonna cause cholera and other bacterial diseases, as Riots and mayhem have American citizens lost for words… wake up America whats next…

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