During this time the earth continues to turn, Losing all HUMANITY along the way…

As Billions of people get brainwashed Dumbing you down making sure you can’t make ends meet the fear of the unknown takes hold of you leaving you alone without hope lost in the Moment Sliding into A Trance slipping into a sleep state Getting further and further from reality As They pump in the lies giving you life into your blood it’s raining you’re so as they take your hope and dream In which part of human ethics do we exist Even though we are free are we really free are you really free minded or are we controlled and manufactured And being breaded For slavery and Controlling you is money fear power and this drive to get more as the rich get paid as the planned-dimic  Creating this false flag,” you say, Again agendas controlling their actions Evil sinister war pigs destroying people’s hopes and dreams as they live high-and-mighty eating steak lobster the last of the lobster ever known to humanity as the oil spills across the oceans as oil oceans that are stuck from the Deepwater horizon oil spills destroys humanity we are all doomed we are all capsized in deep waters as the ship is drowning… We are all starving we all find outside that we are in the same test Tube we are all biologically connected as one human race…

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