Radar Shows ‘China Using Weather Control To Manipulate And Change Direction Of Typhoon’ – BroBible

Getty photos 📷

The heartbreaking images of the Bahamas being obliterated by former catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Dorian are difficult to look at. People want to try to diminish hurricanes and typhoons so that entire islands are not destroyed. But is there already secret technology being used to control or manipulate the weather?

A wild conspiracy theory suggests that China already wields weather control technology that is powerful enough to effect dangerous typhoons. A recent weather radar reading appears to show China using something manmade to affect a typhoon and push the storm away from the mainland.

UFO-hunter and alien conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring shared a video of what he alleges is weather control utilized by China. On his website UFO Sightings Daily, Waring claims that he has spotted something unusual and eye-opening in a simple weather radar clip… More about the world weather control technology in the link below…


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