The big list of Conspiracy theories, they live!!!

Welcome to the of the super paranoid, topsy-turvy world of the real conspiracy theories…


Belief in conspiracy theories is the product of A normal human psychology, but can be extremely dangerous believe on your own risk…

Was the moon landing faked, No one has been to the moon ever… none Never made it to the moon No human beings that has lived through it has gone to the moon and back to Erath… Total hoax…

Is covid-19 real or made up for a new agenda and fear, Is covid-19 is caused by 5G cellphone Networking, Or is covid-19 a Biological weapon Made by the CCP but do to lack of Evidence and cover up of evidence none is to be found… But the lack of evidence shows that there was a cover up indeed… Appsolutely total hoax…


Think of all the world’s events and there is almost certainly at least one conspiracy theory to explain them. The list is so big its almost endless: the Apollo moon landings were made up, 9/11 was an inside job, climate change is a faked, JFK was assassinated by the CIA with Russia, the earth is flat, the pharmaceutical industry is suppressing a cure for cancer, The CIA uses mind control, vaccines cause autism, Princess Diana was a cold blooded murder by the royal family, Barak Obama was born in Kenya and is a full blown Muslim and The world is ruled by lizard People and aliens… CERN The Large Hadron Collider A Huge gate to Hades, Chemical chemtrails trails, Many of these “theories” – the word is used in its colloquial sense rather than the strict scientific one, they should really be called “conspiracy hypotheses” – concern matters of science or medicine… These are no more than theory… You can pretty much make a theory about anything that read see hear and feel… reading between the lines, seeing the bigger picture.

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