Five Top conspiracy theories that become true facts 💯

I know it sounds crazy but it’s real or became reality most definitely conspiracy hypotheses are not real just a hypotheses of the unknown or unseen factors as well… We want to believe in something that makes sense rather than theory but we all know that is not the truth this are some conspiracy theories that become true before your eyes…

Military mind control

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In 1971, the FBI and CIA put John Lennon under surveillance due to his anti-war songs.

The truth: They most certainly were. Like many counter-culture heroes, Lennon was considered a threat: “Anti-war songs, like “Give Peace a Chance” didn’t exactly endear former Beatle John Lennon to the Nixon administration,” NPR reported in 2010.

“In 1971, the FBI put Lennon under surveillance, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service tried to deport him a year later.”

In 1957, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met at a party in Woolton. Just yards away from their meeting place was the grave of Eleanor Rigby. A bizarre coincidence, or not?

And if you still have records from that time, you may bag a few quid.

2. The U.S. Government poisoned alcohol during the prohibition.

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Prohibition was introduced in 1920 to control the country’s alcohol consumption, but that only resulted in widespread speakeasies and bootlegging, which is the illegal production and distribution of alcohol. The prohibition law proved it wasn’t enough to curb drinking habits, so the government took more drastic measures. They decided to poison the country’s illegal liquor supply by adding toxins, including highly-lethal methanol, to alcohol in the mid-1920s. In total, it is estimated around 10,000 people died as a result of the government’s poisoning. 

3. The CIA secretly gave LSD to unsuspecting individuals to test mind control.

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Born in The Bronx in 1918, Gottlieb received a doctorate in biochemistry and after working several research jobs for the government, was recruited by the CIA in 1951 by Deputy Director Allen Dulles, who would later lead the agency.

Dulles believed that there were undiscovered methods for controlling the human mind, and that these processes could help the US win wars. He hired Gottlieb to lead the effort into mind-control research, which he named “Artichoke,” by any means necessary.

Many in the intelligence community were convinced that the Soviet Union and China had made great advancements in brainwashing, and they sought to perfect the technique themselves. Hypnosis and electroshock were among the methods tested, but Gottlieb became obsessed with the potential of LSD.

After sampling the drug himself and feeling “as though I am in a kind of transparent sausage skin that covers my whole body,” he began testing it on military volunteers. Soon after, he stopped caring whether people had volunteered and began administering the drug to unwitting subjects, including CIA trainees.

Gottlieb and many around him truly believed that LSD held the secret to controlling minds.

“CIA employees were given LSD and then induced to violate oaths and promises,” Kinzer writes. “In one [mock interrogation], a military officer swore never to reveal a secret, revealed it under the influence of LSD, and afterward forgot the entire episode . . . Gottlieb came to believe that [LSD] could be the key to mind control. He was the first acid visionary.”

To help further this research, Gottlieb recruited doctors around the country to carry out experiments on unwitting psychiatric patients…

From 1953 to 1964, the CIA secretly dosed individuals with LSD to test the potential effects of mind control. During this practice—called Project MKUltra—thousands of U.S. citizens were given LSD without their knowledge or consent. In 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all records related to MKUltra. So now there is very little evidence that remains, but this immoral research was likely responsible for some resulting deaths.

One of the most notable was that of Frank Olson, a United States Army biochemist and biological weapons researcher who was given LSD without his knowledge or consent in November of 1953. 

The truth: The program was known as MK-ULTRA, and it was real.
The CIA started by using volunteers – the novelist Ken Kesey was one notable subject.
But the program heads soon began dosing people without their knowledge; MK-ULTRA left many victims permanently mentally disabled.
At the present time, another drug that alters food and perception and is causing great public concern because of its harmful effects is meth.

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4. Big Tobacco knew that cigarettes caused cancer

The Big lie

Conspiracy: For decades, tobacco companies buried evidence that smoking is deadly.

The truth: At the beginning of the 1950s, research was showing an indisputable statistical link between smoking and lung cancer, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Philip Morris even admitted that smoking could cause cancer.

The benefits of quitting smoking are huge: food tastes better, your mouth feels fresher and, most importantly, your risk of tobacco-related disease drops significantly.

Here is more information about some ways to help break this difficult addiction cycle.

5. The government is spying on you

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Conspiracy: With the advances in technology, the government is using its vast resources to track citizens.

The truth: In 2016, government agencies sent 49,868 requests for user data to Facebook, 27,850 to Google, and 9,076 to Apple, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the EFF), a major nonprofit organisation that defends civil liberties in the digital world and advises the public on matters of internet privacy.
If you are concerned about your internet privacy, we asked technology experts to give us the lowdown on the likelihood you are being watched through your computer camera.

“I am not a crook”

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