The Communist are coming

Democrats have been Hired by the Hollywood, Zionist mysticism Kabbalah…

Or some kind of Communists agendas unfolding before us… can the fooled be fooled again Be prepared for Government closures coming soon, New pandemic rules of the normal also NEW Civil War, Warnings TaxCut gone government jump the gun Policies, Dreamers act, Allowing muslims to control us and become United States citizens Active terrorist cells “Warning” Be prepared Government big coverup… we are their products We will need to open are eyes don’t sleep on this topic wake-up call among the living China new normal system for your business Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snap, Instagram, and TikTok, all spies… False flag false propaganda wars waging their crimes against humanity as they take your rights away from you… BIG GOVERNMENT’S BACKTRACKING ON ALL LEVELS

The Apocalypse is really coming mocking my Conspiracy theories they live as we sleep 💤

5 thoughts on “The Communist are coming

    1. Yes in the Agenda 21 UN Backtracking on any project rolling out programs that will allow the government to take over agricultural farms and provide the best possible way to disaster recovery force fema family Rehabilitation centers Let’s call it what it is it’s going to be war Camps red dawn who knows but time is Fleeting Dire need To secure are rights before its to late…


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