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Ozzy Osbourne is primarily known for his contributions to the heavy metal scene, but he’s also dabbled in acting more than a few times.

10 Private Parts

Private Parts is an autobiography for the famous Howard Stern, also known as the famous radio rebel. The movie was released in 1997, and it is one of the most inspiring stories for anyone who wishes to work in radio and television.

Ozzy Osbourne had a very short appearance in the movie with a total of one line. It is interesting to see how influential Ozzy can be; even though he had only one line, he has been quoted countless times on many occasions and all over the internet, even today.

9 Little Nicky

Little Nicky is a comedy where the lead is no other than Adam Sandler, who portrays the role of Little Nicky. Towards the end, it is already confirmed several times that Little Nicky is a big fan of Ozzy—he mentions Ozzy’s name during the movie—and, in the most crucial moment, he summons him to help him by reenacting a bat-bite incident, and, with this action, Osbourne becomes the hero of the day.

8 Fish Hooks

Fish Hooks is a famous animated television series that aired from 2010 until 2014 and had a total of three seasons. Disney Channel decided to create an Earth Troll who will be borrowing the voice from the legend himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

7 Gnomeo & Juliet

Gnomeo & Juliet is a famous 3D animated fantasy that tells the story of Gnomeo and Juliet, which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. While the original is far more dramatic, the 3D adaptation is a lighter version that takes place in a lovely neighborhood. Fawn, voiceover done by Ozzy Osbourne, is a deer from the side of Juliet, and he is also the best friend of Tybalt, voiceover done by Jason Statham. He is extremely devoted to his best friend, but he was also present at Gnomeo and Juliet’s wedding. It is a sweet story in which nobody would ever expect Ozzy to be portraying a dear in a romantic comedy. Surprise, surprise.

6 Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is a horror-comedy that was released in 1986 and directed by Charles Martin Smith, who is also a renowned actor best known for his role in American Graffiti. The movie tells the story of a young boy, Eddie, who is crushed when his favorite musician, Sammi Curr, dies. For Eddie, metal music is everything, but, when he discovers that there is a possibility for Sammi to return from the dead and cause satanic sins, he tries everything to stop him.

In the show, the biggest irony is the appearance of Ozzy Osbourne who portrays a role as reverent as he gives a speech where he criticizes metal music. The whole scene is hilarious.

5 The 7D

The 7D is an animated show about the adventures of seven dwarves who are willing to do anything in their power to protect their land, Jollywood. In the 31st episode of the second season, Ozzy and his family appear as guest stars on the show.

4 The Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys is a comedy about two friends who became popular by making tasteless phone calls, and, since their comedy was interesting to many, they got quite famous. In the movie, they are being chased by the mafia and ditch into a club to lay low. They present themselves as a part of the show to the manager, who is portrayed by Ozzy Osbourne himself. The guys are known to be very clumsy, so they actually ruin the band’s performance, but, in the end, it doesn’t really matter, as the main moment is the sudden appearance of the legendary rock star.

3 The Conners

For those who don’t know, The Conners is a spin-off sitcom from the famous show Roseanne. It is a hilarious show about the Connor family and their everyday struggles. In season two, the fifteenth episode Beards, Thrupples, and Robots, the producers put quite the show for their fans by bringing in Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

As they were telling jokes and having a good time, they also made one of the best episodes of the show. The audience made many requests for another Ozzy and Sharon come back, and, hopefully in the future, the producers will come through

2 Austin Powers in Goldmember

The American spy comedy Austin Powers in Goldmember was released in 2002. The movie was a big hit from week one and immediately generated a lot of talk about a fourth Austin Powers movie.

Ozzy Osbourne appears with his entire family in one of the scenes, as they are all seated in front of the TV they are making jokes, and it is hilarious to see them all acting like regular people, when, in the eyes of most, they are anything but.

1 Ghostbusters

Over the years, Ghostbusters has become a famous franchise that has accumulated quite a fan base. In fact, they had a comeback in 2016 with their latest movie, which was quite refreshing, as the second Ghostbusters movie was released back in 1989.

The movie had everything the fans were expecting and more, such as a couple of cameos from famous Hollywood stars. Among them was Ozzy Osbourne, who made quite the entrance as the lead singer of the band that was supposed to perform in one of the key scenes in the movie.

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