Lose Yourself in 50 Breathtaking New Images Released For The Hubble Anniversary

In April of 1990, our Universe opened up to us in a whole new way.

That’s when the Hubble Space Telescope was launched and deployed, the most powerful space telescope ever created.

Although the instrument got off to a bumpy start, Hubble has, as of April this year, been in operation for a full three decades. And, in celebration of this marvellous milestone, NASA has just handed us space riches: 50 newly processed images of objects from the Caldwell catalogue, released to the public for the first time.

Lose Yourself in 50 Breathtaking New Images Released For The Hubble Anniversary

Cosmic objects can be categorised in many different ways. What makes the Caldwell catalogue special is that it contains only objects that can be observed by backyard astronomers. Grab a telescope (or, in some cases, your own two eyes), and you can find these objects for yourself in the night sky. More about this article in the link below…


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