Dr Ryan Starkey: Developing Supersonic Drone – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

For a man with a speciality in hypersonic aircraft systems, it is no surprise that Dr. Ryan Starkey “likes to go fast.” However, Dr. Starkey’s efforts to develop a drone, known as GoJett, that can travel at mach 1.4 (over 1,000 mph) is much less about ‘a need for speed,’ and more about creating a cost-effective testbed for supersonic aircraft systems. Starkey explains:“Currently, there is no cost-effective way to test things that are traveling at high-subsonic and low-supersonic speeds. My goal is to create a [drone system] that facilitates wide-spread testing of these systems. If I can create an aircraft system that is $500,000, or even $1 million, it would be two orders of magnitude cheaper than the current test platforms.” As a research faculty member at the University of Maryland, Dr. Starkey specialized in “hypersonic systems” – systems that travel at or faster than five times the speed of sound. There, he cultivated an expertise in propulsion-airframe integration and aircraft design optimization… More than theory Supersonic drones story in the link below…


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