Mythical creature Goatman & Paranormal activity

Mythological creature…

It was the summer of 1969 When summer brought moon landing, UFOs — and the Lake Worth Monster

Greer Island mythical creature

It was the summer of 1969 When summer brought moon landing, UFOs — and the Lake Worth Monster

Case 6101969 Greer Island mythical creature  Paranormal Case 6101969

Greer Island mythical creature

Map view of Greer Island

Greer Island mythical creature Paranoral

Seeing is believing and in A paranormal investigation of old Stories back in 1969  at the Tense height of Vietnam War, landing on the moon and about A giant mythical creature with a big foot body and a goat shaped head and fish  scales with hairy arms and  Broad shoulders and also with alien tides to the story behind this creature “Goatman” odd as it seems the story started on A lovers lane at the end of the road old cliff in Dallas Fort worth lake worth point where teenagers who were looking for some fun would hang out with their friends in cars making out and playing touchy games, One night A couple making out Heard a loud thud on the car as they investigated it Based on eyewitnesses they seen a creature With the description 7″ ft Large ape like body with a goat shaped head Skin was like scales on a fish, with long hairy arms and Claw’s biggest 9″inches The creature was known to throw an item over 300′ ft to 500′ ft The  Legend Greer Island Ft. Worth… Also seen on island ghostly creatures and  Paranormal activity including feeling like something is watching you… seeing in the woods shadow’s A sensation of being watched and Stocking you call me crazy but definitely a freaky vibe creeps giving you goosebumps as you hike the well maintained trails… Hearing noises from every direction Shadows crawling out from trees As The Hair on the back of your neck Is standing on End…  As I was Hiking the whole day on this island ghostly creatures filled my mind as well the Folk tales that have been given from elders… clearly in my opinion this is a real haunted place and well worth investigating… Great nature hike with a scary place indeed…

ghostly creatures and Paranormal activity including feeling of being watched through the woods shadow’s moving from tree to another tree…
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“In Texan folklore, the Lake Worth Monster is a legendary creature said to inhabit Lake Worth at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, just outside Fort Worth. The creature is often described as a “part-man, part-goat” with scales and long clawed fingers.”

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