Stinkfist (Ænima, 1996) on YouTube video

Stinkfist (Ænima, 1996)

How many bands are out there with the subversive intelligence, unwavering nerve and sheer unhinged chutzpah to open their ​‘difficult second album’ straight-faced with a song about anal fisting? Reckon you could count their number on one hand? We wager it’d take just a single (moderately malodorous) finger. Although their music landed without a hint of fratboy puerility, Tool didn’t even try to hide their mischievousness. If people were too blind – or simply too stunned – to pick up on the title Stinkfist, Maynard’s ​‘cheeky’ chorus refrain of ​‘Relax, turn around, take my hand…’ laid the meaning grubbily bare. Taking the piss. These lads were dragging out the shit as well…

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