Why Are Spirit Bear Sightings Declining?

The bear cub was white—not albino, but snowy with black eyes, thanks to a recessive gene that it’s mother, a normal black bear who it followed around, must have carried. Over a series of summers, Philip Charles and other guides at the Spirit Bear Lodge in British Columbia watched it grow up on camera traps.

By the next year, the cub, still just the size of a big dog, was on its own. Bigger bears chased it from food sources like the river running with salmon. Even when it got close enough, Charles recalls, the cub sat staring at the fish, visibly confused about what to do next. He and his colleagues worried whether it would survive. But the cub scrounged scraps that washed downstream and emerged over following years as one of the bigger, more dominant bears on the river.

“Just following that bear’s story—not many people have the opportunity to do that,” Charles says… More about this article on spirit bears in the link below….


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