ADVENTURE HIKE: FRASIER DAM RECREATION AREA with pictures and puns about life

Frazier dam recreational area

Hiking in nature with the dogs is a great fun this place is a great hike Riverside 5 miles and lots of wildlife so be careful… nice and well maintained trails… I hiked the south trail and the north trail was very nice…

Frazier dam recreational area
Hiking is all the range
I stayed up all night wondering where the sun was,
Then it dawned on me
Remember, the sun isn’t A chicken.
Even if it’s yellow!
I like the way earth rotates.
It really makes my day…
Beer is like the sun…
It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.
I’m at a moss for words…
I can’t sand it no more!!!
My Hiking Buddies for life…
The Covid19 situation has been particularly stressful for the Flat Earth Society.
They fear social distancing measures will push someone over the edge.
Duh Which way did they go…
Shrub it off…
Are you done with the bad puns? I can’t bear it!
I’ll be dam‘ed,
This river is too mainstream…

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