10 iconic albums that initially flopped upon release

Pop culture is forever playing tricks on us. What we perceive as an unrivalled classic that defined an era, in reality, quite often had a difficult upbringing sullied by capricious circumstance before fate decided it had been held down too long and unleashed it upon the world. Sometimes it would seem that the masses weren’t quite ready for these culture-changing epics. Other times it would seem that the fist of fate was unwilling to release the record from its ruthless grasp. We’re taking a look at the top ten times in which a record nearly sunk completely before it swam its way to gold. 

First, though, let us ask why such a mind-boggling phenomenon happens so often? How on earth can such paragons of brilliant pop-culture have been initially condemned to the doldrums of the dismissed, unloved or misunderstood??? More about this in link below…


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