Ranting and raving The Dogma of this next-gen

Spiritual tree of life

This topsy-turvy world We live in dreams are crushed hope is lost to the Innocent Robbing our youth of what we had Destroying all ecosystems Polluting atmosphere Dumping trash in the sea, Robbing the innocence of all the youth of the world Stop what your doing realise when you choose to recycle you made a choice Do not destroy our planet We are Dooming ourselves To live in this manner Do not throw things away that is inappropriate Youth of today is disposable youth We are all being loaded into a trans What we choose to believe is our perception of this Realiti Those that are Absolutely close minded Will not understand where I am coming from but those that do understand Bear with me my friends be Prepared The trials and tribulations are upon us Take not Vengeance but Seek the answer in life my friend in spiritual uplifting And guidance through the all Mighty higher spirit or Celestial brings… almost certainly death to those that bring fail faith and Empty promises that they know they can’t keep… Dumbing you down making sure you Believe what the Dogmatic are saying about this, And start opening your eyes up clear out the cob webs and then determine what responsemake sure it is true before you run off the handle… Remember that life will go always on…


John 3:16
New International Version

John 3;16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Please Watch “KMFDM – Dogma”

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