Night Hikeing in woods with dogs

Frazier dam hikeing 4 miles While hiking seen A White Mountain lion Cougar over there at Frazier dam nature park at the dam just then I thought it was a dog But it was Moving like A cat Was the size of one of my dog’s Sunny Jack size But with a roundhead… I turned around fast enough and Walked away slowly turning to look for the cat was following but the cat had been spooked too, breathing deep and walking backwards trying not to slip and fall as I was Very frightened Then turn to look the cat Wandered off Into the Woods Dodged that one Wipe the sweat from my brow Bent over to catch my breath Took a look at the video drinking my water finished the canteen… Extremely paranoid looking around repeatedly thinking something was there hiking the next 2 miles mind playing tricks on me crazy night…

Spotted a real mountain lion Cougar cat In Dallas, Texas

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