Day two Frazier dam night hikeing

Night Hiking with dogs 4 miles at the Frazier dam nature park here are some of my Photos night Hiking in the woods as shadow’s moving from tree to another tree indeed creepy woods sounds like bat’s in the trees and other wild animals Usually see a Fox Or A family of skunks Also some many squirrels A lot of possums Few mountain lion cats, Small amounts Bobcats, Raccoons and Beavers, Beaver-Sized Rodents, Nutria, Another wild animals found Several rabbit Dens Also had found family of Rabbit’s in their Den or nest in some of hills in brush…Really snakey place bring ankle boots Cottonmouths all Venomous King ratsnake not so venomous but hurts like the Dickens if you get bit… Also copperheads Extremely poisonous And also deadly…

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