Hiking with dogs Fort Worth Nature Center

Welcome to this article blessings be on you and yours spiritual uplifting feeling… More exciting adventures in nature with my dogs as companie was A beautiful day Hiking 4 miles and here are some of my favorite pictures of the day hike hope you enjoy them It was A beautiful as time flys when you’re having fun Exploring and seeing wild animals like Usually today come a cross a big family of wild Hogs Razorbacks I was Trembling and scared walking very slowly I Noticed in the Creek A huge wild hog slowly moving forward noticed 3 others behind Three babies and one mother The bigger hog Was the father The bigger hog stared me down as I was trembling… Remember stage 2 Fright and flight… I stood still as my dog started barking like crazy lucky for me that spooked the big giant Razorback Hog The family followed after big one lucky for me they ran off Into the Woods I did get one picture but not the best All in all it was a beautiful day just Check that one off Lucky me…

One big Hog
One of the biggest razorback I’ve ever seen
I just want to be one with nature…
Happy Trails to you till we meet again There is aventure waiting…

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