Night hiking in the woods with my dogs

4 mile hike down a Frazier dam on the Elm fork Trinity river

Night hiking is fun and its cool night breezes if its not Too humid Outside When hiking outside remember everything is out to get you so it’s best to hike with friends but if your solo hiking Remember to know your surrounding it Doesn’t want to be the 1st time that you gone down this trail so if your night hiking for the 1st time make sure you gone to this trails before in the daytime it’s easy to get lost in the dark would you reach forks in the trails make sure they you are paying attention to the trail that you are attending line of sight deep… Stay away from Known predator area’s and keep line of sight Blind eyes could get you hurt Don’t look into direct light It will blind you for at least 30 minutes Make sure you get a just meant to light as your hiking the night trails and not to stare or look into light be safe keep a line and someone in the back off the line keeping a eye out for  Predators from behind… Keep hydrated at night as well, But here are some of my pictures of my night hiking Enjoy and happy trails to you until we meet again…

Frazier dam night hiking pictures…

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