Is w.h.o and why are they covering up their mess and is China the their biggest backers

The Communist goals have become Obvious and the world as seen they are not are friends they are out to kill Americans, Australians, Britain, Italians, Germans, Japanese, And other country’s citizens with their hate and Propaganda that are hidden war, hidden war Also hidden secret war A-war against you me everybody…. Thats The CCP party CCCP control over are Media control over your mind set and brainwashed Dumbing you down making sure you don’t know what is real mind setting you up like a matrix “Trix” lulling you in too a false sense of well-being put you in a trans numbing your soul, but with sick acts against humanity at large don’t be fooled again chilling this ending…. Covid-19 novelty virus buyer beware comes with a price we buy that for a dollar…

Why are we being lied to whats the reason for the cover up of evidence the world health Organization lame attempt to investigate the Lab in China CPP runs everything so they did the investigation and the w.h.o is covering up for China CPP as the cover up keeps running in progress this is realistically A sh*t storm is this or was this a leak from a laboratory making a mistake in Protocol…

Shameless China demands probe into US lab for ‘leaking’ Covid as fresh investigation is ordered into Wuhan cover-up

CHINA has shamelessly demanded that the World Health Organisation (WHO) investigate a military lab in the US over the origins of Covid.

It comes as the Communist Party regime reacted with fury as WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ordered a fresh probe into claims that SARS-CoV2 may have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Quote By Albert Einstein – We can’t solve Our problem with the same thinking We used when We created them…

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