Bird’s Fort Trail Pioneer trails

Hiking with dogs in Irving, Texas Campion Trail nature park walking pathway its been raining for 3 days the trails are very muddy it was did A great hike got 5 miles but the trails that are close, also do to the muddy trails and you must keep in mind hiking muddy trails Destroys the environment and Destroys the natural look of The trails, Here are some Beautiful Amateur Pictures of my Journey…

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★ Birds Fort, Texas

Wetlands area River trails Map 1836

Birds Fort was a community about 22 miles northwest of present downtown Dallas in present-day Arlington, Texas. In 1841, when John Neely Bryan established Dallas, he invited the settlers at Birds Fort to come live in his proposed city.

Now Irving Texas, Las Colinas

Mustangs of Las Colinas, Texas

More about the Indian wars of Texas

The Treaty of Bird’s Fort, or Bird’s Fort Treaty was a peace treaty between the Republic of Texas and some of the Indian tribes of Texas and Oklahoma, signed on September 29, 1843. The treaty was intended to end years of hostilities and warfare between the Native Americans and the white settlers in Texas. 

Trinity river bottoms

Blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with dogs helps you grow and enjoy your time so get out and move around…

California crossing Historical marker
Trinity riverfront Bottoms
wildlife nature birds
Rabbits Also
Dogs loved the hike..
pathway hike
Trinity river
riverside Hiking
Trail close ahead

Happy Trails to you till we meet again…

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