Night hiking Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Holler Excellent night hike with friends and dogs got about 4 miles in some really Creepy woods sounds all around you darkness with bat sounds and owl making sounds great adventure in the woods here are some of my Photos Hiking in the woods… possibly some Bigfoot tracks…

Bigfoot tracks

Feeling Bliss from A great outdoors experience..

I love nature breathing deep clean air getting away from the hustle and bustles of your life hiking with dogs helps relax your mind body and soul blessings be on your well-being stay safe keep strong and healthy hiking brings your blood pressure lower and better and stronger heart rate but watching your blood pressure is important as brushing your teeth so take a break if you feel bad don’t push your body or your heart starts beating to fast keep safe and happy trails to you till we meet again…

Action  Shot
A little bit of a blurred shot
Lean-to tent
made A Lean-to tent
Dogs love Hiking
Possibly bigfoot footprints
It Could be werewolf

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center Like to see more vote yes or vote no if you dont like or whatever otherwise nevertheless… vote please

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