Hiking clear creek Denton Texas Nature Center trails

Made the most of the trip hiking with dogs and friends in the wetlands and bottomlands area clear creek Denton Texas was somewhat Muddy but try to stick in the middle of the trail if Muddy it Ruins Ruins the natural trail you walk and you make more trails Try to stick to one trail even if you think its to Muddy turn back or bear with it in Persevere Try Go for it If is too Muddy Turn back around Anyways it’s up to you Try not to ruin the trails by making 3 or 4 trails by avoiding mud go through the mud… Add an excellent experience Keep your Your mind Set on goal moving forward noticed others don’t be rude all ways keep to the right as on trails call out to your left side for a pass on this is a nice way to distinguish your self and move around slower hikers be kind and Polite Smalle conversation How are things doing ahead Or maybe informing him of what is forward Most of the time I just say have a great day… Here are some of my pictures of my journeys through these woods clear creek natural heritage center…

Here are some basic facts about this huge forest

Clear Creek

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is a gateway to more than 2,900 acres of bottomland hardwood forest, upland prairie, and diverse aquatic habitats. Located within Lake Lewisville’s upper floodplain and managed by the City of Denton, it provides residents and visitors with unmatched ecological, educational, and recreational opportunities.

Beaver making his way 2 is dam
wildlife nature

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Area includes the confluence of Clear Creek and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River and was originally established to protect and restore rare bottomland and upland prairie ecosystems. The City leases the land from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and is responsible for operation and maintenance of Clear Creek Natural Heritage Area…

clear creek
Panoramic view Of the Trinity Fork meeting the Trinity And Clear Creek

Here are some Beautiful pictures from my 4 mile hike clears up your mind help get your mind straight without spending a lot of money…

Night hiking
Oates starting to get dark
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