Watch “U.S. HUMAN & WMD TESTS: The Forgotten Guinea Pigs, The Agent Orange, A-BOMB Test Survivors” on YouTube

THE FORGOTTEN GUINEA PIGS: THE AGENT ORANGE AND A-BOMB TEST SURVIVORS AND YOU A heartwrenching documentary and interview exposes the nature and effects of the use of Agent Orange in Viet Nam. Dan Jordan and his wife, along with another vet, discuss their experiences with “unexplained” diseases and handicapped children. They also provide information about the Brotherhood of Viet Nam Veterans efforts to get the government to provide assistance for vets affected by Agent Orange. The program also includes a showing of the 1953 government documentary in which an A-bomb was dropped in Nevada, and then American soldiers were marched into the blast area immediately afterward to show that atomic warfare is “safe.” Many of these men subsequently either died of cancer or now have it. Finally, we have an interview about the widespread covert germ and chemical warfare experiments carried out since the 1950s by the CIA and the Army over various areas in the U.S., particularly cities. Recorded March, 1981

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