Far From The Internet, Thomas Dambo’s Benevolent Trolls Lure Humans To Nature : NPR

“Recycle art activist” Thomas Dambo makes gentle giants from scrap wood, old pallets, twigs and debris. Above, the troll Marit in It Sounded Like a Mountain Fell in Wulong, China.

Jacob Keinicke/Thomas Dambo

Troll-hunter alert in Boothbay, Maine: This summer, five ginormous monsters are taking up residence at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, courtesy of artist Thomas Dambo. These gentle giants are the newest additions to his tribe of dozens of trolls now inhabiting mountains, forests and parks around the world, from China to Puerto Rico. Think Where the Wild Things Are meets “Three Billy Goats Gruff” — the 15- to 30-foot-high sculptures made out of scrap wood have earned Dambo the title “one of the most prominent recycle artists in the world.” More about this in link below…


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