Hiking with dogs in nature

Walnut Grove Trailhead 2 Blue stem Trails is a trailhead in Southlake, TX on Grapevine Lake in Great Plains…

Welcome be happy don’t worry be happy thank you for visiting my websites and Vblogs… Blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with nature it feels like Bliss roughing you up also makes you stronger and achieve your goals, you have becoming what you want in your life hiking with dogs puts positive growth brings you closer to nature Spiritually and enlightenments here are some Beautiful Amateur Pictures of my journeys through these woods By Bob Jones Nature Center trails…

No motor vehicles
Trail marker
Excellent experience great creeks
Look at this Beautiful picture of the sun
Brut truns around Jack like lets go hiking with dogs is funny sometimes
Wild nature plants raspberries yummy 😋 didn’t eat its for the wildlife and birds…
Maybe Turkey vultures
Maybe red-shouldered hawk but don’t know
Nice Smear Halo circle
Wild raspberries
Scummy Water but its teaming with life
Beautiful Sunny day

Hike one mile that’s good, Hike two miles that’s great job, Hike three miles that’s where I want to stay!!!

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