Took Place on a Hike

Stay calm and deal with it

Getting out of mud if all tires are in the mud in the woods with no power on phones and the rations Supplies are low For none And They are used up and you just got done with a 6 mile hike Trying frist To avoid mud and the muddy routes but if rain comes down as your hiking don’t freak out and call a Tow-truck 1st dont get excessive Negative behaviour is unnecessary vulgar displays of anger are unnecessary what is necessary is to think out what has made your wheel stuck the suction of mud So if you have a tool like a shovel or a pick axe or something to move the dirt away from your wheels And make a ramp with dry dirt as you take your water cooler and remove itemseze water left over From your Hike Using the cooler to pick up loose gravel and dirt to place on ramp to make dry, Placing your car out of Traction control See which way is the easiest way to remove yourself out of the mud is it going backwards or forwards Course you have less torque in the backwards then you do forwards After doing all this and 7 hours later after remove all tires out of the mud in your driving home happy that you made it out of the woods alive…

unnecessary vulgar displays of anger are unnecessary

Tips for getting stuck in the mud

Don’t slow down if possible.
Stop hitting the accelerator – it’ll only dig your wheels in deeper.
Try to carry a bag of kitty litter in your trunk. You can also look around the vicinity for sand, although kitty litter tends to work better in this situation. You’ll want to dump a generous amount of litter in front of your power wheels (in a front-wheel drive car, the front wheels and in a rear-wheel drive car, the back wheels). The litter will help them grip better and give you some extra traction. You can also use your floor mats, but they WILL get muddy.
Accelerate evenly but not too slowly once you have your traction devices in place.
If that doesn’t work, use a tow rope to haul yourself out of the mud. You can have another vehicle pull you; just make sure to use an actual tow rope (that can withstand the weight and pressure) and hook it up to the proper places on each vehicle (i.e. not the bumper or any part of the suspension).

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