Hiking with dogs in nature park

welcome to this article blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with dogs in nature, Hike Coppell Nature Park 3 miles was a great hike with dogs the trails are a little more muddy than I like but made the most of it here are some of my Photos Hiking in nature with my dogs Sunny Jack and Brutus… Good times Happy trails to you till we meet again…

Trail head marker
Trail marker
Im not posing for Animal crackers
Dogs love to hike
A hiking we will Go
Lots of Trees Pecans, Red oak, Lotus, Oak, Hercules Club, Mesquite, Cottonwood, Red cedar, Eastern juniper, American Cedar, And much more,
Beautiful surroundings
Come on slow poke 😜
Can you find the fox squirrel
leave us alone we hiking
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