Why is my Dogs afraid of fireworks

Every new year, 4th of July, All the fireworks holidays my favorite friend gets a little weird licking his chops It’s over and over again With a wide eyed lookScared out of his mind Hearing big bangs in the background trying to find a place to hide And Walking back-and-forth… There Is a weird glaze in their eyes Cannot stand still, absolutely terrified body stiffening up Is a bit of a drool Drops from their chopers and they dont know what they want but its extremely weirdest thing ever, 😳 shocking BOOM!!! Wake-up hope you had great time this 4th of July weekend…

We hope these tips help you prepare for the upcoming holiday. We wish you and your furry friend a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Use the fireworks as a learning opportunity for your dog.

If my dog were afraid of fireworks, I would make sure to something fun every time I heard fireworks.

I would bring out all kinds of treats and goodies like pieces of hot dogs or chicken and some tennis balls and play fetch in the hall or work on training, rewarding him for any calm behavior.

I would ignore anxious behavior such as panting or whining and distract him with favorite toys, games, obedience training and tasty treats.

If you absolutely have to take your dog outside for a quick bathroom break during fireworks or thunder, make sure you have a collar she can’t slip through. Dogs that are freaked out can easily slip through nylon collars, leather collars and even harnesses. Of course, make sure your dog is wearing ID tags. A good collar to have for safety is a martingale collar because it’s difficult for a dog to slip out.

A dog that is extremely anxious around fireworks can learn there is no reason to be afraid. It just takes a lot of creativity, time and patience. The more fearful your dog is, the more important it is for you to be a calm, relaxed leader.

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