Hiking with dogs in nature

Because its gorgeous Fortworth Texas

Welcome to my web Blog Blessings be on your wellbeing and Spiritual uplifting your life hiking with dogs in nature, In Fortworth Texas Today was a great hike with dogs Brutus and Sonnie Jack really enjoyed the hike got 2.6 miles great time was a little hot out 95 with no index 17 mile winds some wildlife seen 2 Raccoons almost a family of Raccoons, well all in all good hike nice breezes and some great pictures of my journeys through the nature Trails, Oh yeah My Plantar Fasciitis been acting up for some reason but today is much better than the other day Hiking fun but know your limits when it comes to your body and feet don’t overlook your injuries and stress your self out keep up with your old times… Things take time for healing well if you know what Plantar Fasciitis its basically flat foot vary Painful It causes much discomfort in the morning, But I must go on and survive so I have to take a break or 2 or 2 more than a usual… But I consider myself hardcore hiker keep fighting through the pain But in time it catches it catches up to you… Well just to get back on track here have a great day have a great night and happy trails till we meet again happy trails…

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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