Yellowstone tourist facing federal charges for grizzly bear photo | TheHill

From the YouTube video in the link below…

“While other visitors slowly backed off and got into their vehicles, [Samantha] Dehring remained.” 

A tourist who visited Yellowstone National Park in May is facing federal charges for approaching and photographing a grizzly bear and its cubs, the prosecutor announced on Monday… More about the Grizzly Bear scary sighting in the link below…

They should really give her a big fine and a stiff warning to never do that again, But jail time for this is a bit overwhelming you be the Judge view YouTube video below…

3 thoughts on “Yellowstone tourist facing federal charges for grizzly bear photo | TheHill

    1. Rules are made for a reason indeed its time money and resources to relocate a mad bear to a safer location for the common area of humans destroy the wildlife chance of survival for the common interest of the human interests and she was stupid for not listening to the crowd around her wildlife nature should be looked at but a a safe place and distance away from you…


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