Keep Safe look out for Predators

welcome back to this web blog hope you enjoy my time wishes you a great hike got to tell everyone what happened been a good 2 days ago hikeing in Bob Jones Bluesteam trail Brutus got bit by a king snake or cotton mouth well known he was bit his face, It was extremely swollen up like a small avocado so I took him to A 24 hr Veterinarian to save his life at this point im freaking out ok calmly tell the vet what happened okay I was Hiking the Bob Jones Bluesteam trail and a snake jumped out of the woods  and finding my dogs lower jaw has 2 very hard Nodular bumps at this point im sorry little Buddy I gave you to much leash but Live and learn chalk this up as a learning experience snake can be so faster than what you thought most Non venomous will escape and slither away from you but Venomous sakes will strike 1st giving you a warning but the 2nd strike will be most likely full of venom very extremely cautious And careful with your pets they are like family and love ones that means the world to you well to get back on track Veterinarian said come on in and they can help at any time so that all i needed to get going races to the 24hr Veterinarian im sweaty from hikeing miles While getting a Anxiety attack as im racing as fast as law allows so get the the vets and the wait was small enough to get more information about his eye’s looking at he was bit droopy and he was confused looking its just Almost enough to make a grown man cry But I digress Think clearly and hug my dog As I hold them to me Trying to hold back my tears… Things will be all right Brutus you’re going to survive the vet will help us as that the Veterinarian calls me in and checks his vitals At this point the Brutus head looks like a medium size avocado his head is extremely huge I even look at me Tears as she look in my eyes The veterinarian says you will survive you must give him 3 different types of Pills Is what a relief slowly the anxieties slow down It’s not hearing the heartbeat in my chest as I’m worried I’m feeling better I start to drink stream amounts of water then I Took poor Brutus home gave him some pills and food also He’s doing extremely better all the swelling has gone completely down and I think he’ll live Extremely real, really nightmare was over in one night and 6 hours later thank goodness… Here’s some good information about topics covered in this article blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking… well Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails…

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