Rare footage shows elusive ‘yellow whales’ in stunning detail

A San Diego-based ecotour operator has captured stunning aerial footage, perhaps first of its kind, showing Cuvier’s beaked whales swimming along the surface.

“You’ve heard of blue whales, you’ve heard of gray whales, you’ve probably even heard legends of white whales, but have you ever heard of a yellow whale?” Dom Biagini, owner of Gone Whale Watching San Diego, asked on Facebook after his encounter last Saturday. “A weekend of incredible sightings was capped by a remarkable encounter with Cuvier’s beaked whales: one of the most elusive and mysterious cetaceans on earth!”

The encounter occurred during an 8-hour expedition 70 miles offshore, at a depth of 6,000 feet

6,000 feet….

Video in link below…


Cuvier’s beaked whales, which are widespread but reside far offshore and are infrequently encountered, can be dark gray, reddish-brown, or brownish-yellow… More about this article in the link below…


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