Hiking with dogs

Okay I’m pie eyed lol my dog’s like wtf? hahaha!!!

Welcome back to my webBlog Blessings be on your wellbeing remember good always beats evil and charm gets you everything you want…Also Bless your hearts and minds keep Safe and healthy Also look out for Predators and stay clear of high waters in creeks and rivers be able to get help if needed be careful when you’re close to nature don’t be fooled again Be careful walking in the woods and dog’s stay aways on the trail and don’t step hard step softly on Mother Nature give her A chance to Bounce back We all can live as one. Well here are some pictures of a walk in a Neighborhood Friend’s Neighborhood… about the other day Brutus got bit by a king snake or ratsnake Is extremely common snake in this area… Then he was in a state of state of shock as his face was swollen from the impact under his jaw… He has fully recovered and and is doing very fine… thank goodness for that Well enjoy these features Happy shrills to you until we meet again…

Im a survivor of a hard hitting ratsnake Bite

Hiking a great hike with dogs Brutus and Sonnie Jack really enjoyed the time…

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