Man Busted Getting Into Water with Grizzlies for Photos | PetaPixel

The man getting too close to grizzly bears for photos. Still frame from video by

Here’s a good example of how NOT to photograph grizzly bears out in the wild. This video shows a man who was caught on camera wading into Brooks River in Alaska and getting too close to feeding grizzly bears in order to snap some smartphone selfies and photos.

A common piece of advice in photography is to “zoom with your feet,” or to get closer to your subject instead of relying on a longer focal length (i.e. “zooming in” with your lens). This is especially helpful when shooting with smartphone cameras that don’t offer much in the way of optical zoom.

But the National Park Service in the United States has strict guidelines for how close you can get to wildlife and where you can position yourself… More about this article in the link below and let me know what you think about this article make a comment…

Uses for an example of what not to do this cost millions of dollars and the dollars to re locate these bears if you get attacked…

From the YouTube video

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