Today’s Hike with dogs and family in nature

Hello welcome back to nature Spiritual enlighten your life hiking in nature Today was extraordinary good outdoors experience open trails and enjoy are time hiking with family Got 2.3 miles at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge on Prairie Trail, Oak Motte Trail, and Wild Plum Trail Loop, it was mildly hot low index today was 97 with a index of 101 nice breezes winds at 21 miles per hour thankful for being a ton of water 5L drinking till you are really bloated with water thats good but if your sweaty from hikeing losing lots of water make sure to keep Electrolytes up with Salty snacks and if you feel like your dizzy its time to get shade and put water on your neck and head don’t worry about the hike really relax till your less dizzy don’t over do it keep in mind you can blackout from heat exhaustion so if your dizzy take time out to get yourself in better shape then back to the trail make it out but if you blackout they may not find you there be careful when you’re in the sunlight you may think that you can take it is extremely easy to get overheated when walking, hiking, running, Biking, swimming, well maybe not swimming but please remember to hydrate your body mind and soul blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with dogs in nature, What a wonderful experience here’s some great pictures of my journeys through these woods at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, well that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails….

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