Hiking with dogs and family in nature

Believe in something that makes a difference clean up before you leave really don’t leave your trash on trails water bottles and snack papers go’s in your backpack in your pack don’t forget to clean up your mess leave nature as you Found it… Welcome to my web Blog Blessings be on you and yours spiritual Enhance your life hiking with dogs and family injoy the time in nature Today was a great hike got 2.1 miles The dog had a blast sunnie jack took the day off today he still on medication for his tial he was groggy this morning… It was extremely hot temperatures 99 with index of 103 with high winds 25 to 30 per mile winds some Breezes… Well we made the best of it and hiked Caprock trail, Boardwalk trail, And the river bottom trails, Great views and exciting adventures seen some wildlife and great nature photos here at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge… well it’s that time again Happy trails to you till we meet again Happy trails…

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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