More About me and Aspie

More Human then Human being as a child who had to have his own way I never do as I was told I’d make a fit and then break things around me smashing and breaking down holes in wall madness not only is I do things because they told me that I can’t for instance Me and my sister Okay all I really story behind her back skeeming and belittling she Bully me call me crazy and name’s like Fat pig, Fat fat, Fat Ben the hen never by name if in fact in front of any adult and its set me up when she played me as her fool so I get introuble… Mercy Dad its was not me don’t beat me please I want do it again Dad please as always I getting beaten up and down my Dad never understand me and I let my sister play me as a fool 💔 😔 😪 I don’t know what but I cry and cry till I could not cry sad feelings about what happens and not able to process what was done or what I did that answer your questions I would choose to walk in my sister’s room then would hang out it would involve me having my parents come beat me up and believe everything my sister said ok well I me All hell would break loose My mind racing I felt like blowing up my sister with freaking lasers Okay back on track here I have some good stories about how I was brought up with Salty people who could not understand why I was this way… More about My Life growing up with Aspie…

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